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So kann man dann alle Phagen, bernimmt Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), sondern wirklich der Fall.

Stand By Me Film

Um diesen Film zu verwirklichen standen Regisseur ROB REINER lächerliche 8 Millionen $ zur Verfügung, „Stand by me“ spielte allein in den USA aber Stand by Me. Im Sommer des Jahres Vorlage des Films ist eine sensible, autobiografisch getönte Geschichte Stephen Kings. Auf die Elemente des. Dank der gelungenen Bilder des Films spürt man richtig, wie warm der Sommer ist, den die Jungen durchwandern. Alles ist sehr lebensecht gestaltet und man ist​.

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Stand by Me – Das Geheimnis eines Sommers ist ein US-amerikanischer Abenteuerfilm aus dem Jahre von Rob Reiner. Nach der Erzählung Die Leiche. Dank der gelungenen Bilder des Films spürt man richtig, wie warm der Sommer ist, den die Jungen durchwandern. Alles ist sehr lebensecht gestaltet und man ist​. Um diesen Film zu verwirklichen standen Regisseur ROB REINER lächerliche 8 Millionen $ zur Verfügung, „Stand by me“ spielte allein in den USA aber

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Trending: Meist diskutierte Filme. Tolles Kinder Abenteuer Drama nach Stephen King mit excellenten Darstellern wie River Phoenix Evolution Des Menschen Film, Corey Feldman etc etc. Dass er hier mitspielt, habe ich erst im Abspann gelesen. Stand by Me () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. 6/10/ · An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video. An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio. An illustration of a " floppy disk. Software An illustration of two photographs. Stand By Me. Topics Stand By Me. Language Russian. Stand By Me. Addeddate Identifier StandByMe Scanner. Impressive how simple things can play so much, accustomed to humanistic films of love to the neighbor, "Stand by me" follows the same trend, it is not quite a melodrama, but it moves, simple technique, colloquial story, intricate performance, and soundtrack classic, we see a grandmother leaves something more than special for his grandson.8/10(). The film's brilliance ultimately lies in its all-embracing realism. Stand by Me goes to considerable lengths to identify the issues and accurately portray the pressures that lead to the disenchantment of teens everywhere. In many ways, the conclusion of their quest signifies the end of innocence (or at least childhood) for the main characters, as they're never quite the same after making their gruesome discovery. 'Stand By Me' is not a bubblegum Disney film, nor a dry Hollywood film; it is a movie that captures childhood in a poignant, non-candy coated manner that is dead on. I saw this movie only a couple months ago and was blown away by it's style and acting. An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video. An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio. An illustration of a " floppy disk. Stand By Me. Stand by Me is a American coming-of-age film directed by Rob Reiner and based on Stephen King's novella The Body, with a title derived from Ben E. King's film stars Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Jerry O'Connell and Kiefer Sutherland. Bruce Kirby, a character actor known for appearing in movies like "Stand by Me" and TV shows like "The West Wing," has died. He was The sad news was confirmed on Facebook by the actor's son. Gordie Lachance: Do you think I'm weird? Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Milo Pressman. Carrie Rickey. How did you buy your ticket? King 's song. Wikiquote has quotations Advantageous to: Stand by Me film. Secretcity De Mix: Dolby Atmos Dolby Digital Mono. Full Cast and Crew. Carrie musical Scarrie! Gordie Lachance. Vince Desjardins as Jason Oliver. Milo Pressman. Lardass Hogan Dick Durock Interviewed by David Greene.
Stand By Me Film Plot Summary. Scanner Lessenich Archive HTML5 Uploader 1. Jerry O'Connell and Corey Feldman are also really good here.

Allerdings seht ihr am obigen Chart, der Priester geworden ist, mit drei Stunden Laufzeit Filme Chinezesti Sekunde zu lange Stand By Me Film von Francis Ford Stand By Me Film. - Inhaltsangabe & Details

Der Klang des Herzens. Castle Rock, Sommer Seit Tagen schon verfolgen Gordie und seine Freunde Chris, Teddy und der etwas tollpatschige Vern im Radio die Berichte über einen verschwundenen Jungen. Als Vern ein Gespräch zwischen seinem Bruder und dessen Freund. Stand by Me – Das Geheimnis eines Sommers ist ein US-amerikanischer Abenteuerfilm aus dem Jahre von Rob Reiner. Nach der Erzählung Die Leiche. Moviemans Kommentar zur DVD: "Stand by me" ist einer der 50 besten Filme aller Zeiten, oder sucht jemand Streit? (Witz) Die Stephen King Erzählung ist. Um diesen Film zu verwirklichen standen Regisseur ROB REINER lächerliche 8 Millionen $ zur Verfügung, „Stand by me“ spielte allein in den USA aber

Kiefer Sutherland Ace Merrill. Casey Siemaszko Billy Tessio. John Cusack Denny Lachance. Gary Riley Charlie Hogan. Rob Reiner Director. Stephen King Writer.

Raynold Gideon Writer. Evans Writer. Evans Producer. Raynold Gideon Producer. Andrew Scheinman Producer. Jack Nitzsche Original Music. Thomas Del Ruth Cinematographer.

Robert Leighton Film Editor. Free Movies Online: Fresh Movies to Watch Online For Free. Eleven Movies That Inspired Stranger Things.

Which of These 19 Movies Should Never Be Remade? September 5, Full Review…. June 26, Full Review…. June 26, Rating: 4. June 26, Rating: 2.

March 28, Full Review…. May 17, Rating: 4. March 26, Full Review…. September 26, Rating: 3. View All Critic Reviews Oct 15, Stand By Me is a compelling and touching coming-of-age film by director Rob Reiner.

Based on a novella by Stephen King, the story follows four friends who go searching for the body of a missing kid, hoping to claim a reward. Starring Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, and Jerry O'Connell, the film has an impressive cast that has great chemistry together and gives incredibly good performances.

The characters are also exceptionally well-written; feeling especially real and relatable. And, the costumes and set designs have a remarkably authentic s Americana look that has a nostalgic quality to it.

Additionally, the soundtrack is extraordinarily well-done; capturing the playful, carefree youth of the characters.

A wonderful film about friendship and the loss of innocence, Stand By Me is a timeless classic. Dann M Super Reviewer. Aug 22, First things first, and let's get this out of the way right out of the gate, but year-old River Phoenix, assuming the film was shot in and then released in , was an absolutely excellent actor.

I don't want to say that he was one of the elite actors of all time, but he was better than just about everyone BUT the truly elite by the age of FIFTEEN.

Think about that for a second. FIFTEEN fucking years old and he's already better than a lot of people. The film may certainly revolve around Wil Wheaton's character, but I'll be damned if River Phoenix isn't the heart and soul of this particular film.

I honestly didn't even find Wil Wheaton's character that interesting. It's not that he doesn't have an interesting character arc, his parents ignored him after the death of his older brother, who was the apple of his parents' eyes and how he, in his own mind, believes that his parents would rather have him die instead of his older brother.

But, the fact of the matter is that without River's character for Gordie, Wil's character, to bounce that off from then the film simply wouldn't have worked on a deeper emotional level as it did.

It's not that Teddy or Vern, as characters, were useless, it's just that there's not the connection between either of them and Gordie as there is between Gordie and Chris.

Gordie Lachance. Chris Chambers. Teddy Duchamp. Billy Tessio. Charlie Hogan. Eyeball Chambers. Vince Desjardins as Jason Oliver.

Milo Pressman. Mayor Grundy. Denny Lachance. Mayor's Wife. Principal Wiggins. Lardass Hogan. Lardass Heckler 1.

Lardass Heckler 2. Donelley Twin. Milo Pressman Scott Beach Mayor Grundy Richard Dreyfuss Edit Storyline It's the summer of in Castlerock, Maine and four 12 year-old boys - Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern - are fast friends.

Taglines: For some, it's the last real taste of innocence, and the first real taste of life. But for everyone, it's the time that memories are made of.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia In the s and 60s the logo on the Yankees baseball cap was felt sewed onto a cap. Not until much later was the cross-stitched raised logo available.

Goofs Like the reference to "Togus" the Royal River is in Maine, not Oregon. Stephen King refers to the Royal in other stories as he sets many of his stories in Maine, where King grew up.

Quotes [ first lines ] The Writer : [ voiceover ] I was 12 going on 13 the first time I saw a dead human being. It happened in the summer of a long time ago, but only if you measure in terms of years.

I was living in a small town in Oregon called Castle Rock. There were only twelve hundred and eighty-one people. But to me, it was the whole world.

Crazy Credits As the end credits begin, we see Gordie's son and his friend playing on his front yard on their way to a swimming pool.

Alternate Versions In the Spanish Castilian version, Gordie's name was changed to "Cornie" because in Spanish "Gordie" sounded like "Gordi" that means "Fatty", and Wil Wheaton 's character wasn't.

Also in "Gordie's nightmare when his father calls him Gordon, in the dubbing calls him "Cornell". Soundtracks Mr. Lee Written by Reather Dixon as H.

Dixon , Helen Gather as H. Gathers , Laura Webb as L. Webb , Emma Pought as E. Pought and Jannie Pought as J. Language Russian.

Addeddate Identifier StandByMe. Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1. There are no reviews yet.

Be the first one to write a review. Seeking revenge, Lard-Ass enters a pie-eating contest and deliberately vomits, inducing mass vomiting a "barf-o-rama" among contestants and the audience.

During the night, Chris tells Gordie that he hates being associated with his family's reputation.

Chris admits to Gordie that he stole milk money at school. However, he tells Gordie that he later confessed and returned the money to a teacher.

Despite this, Chris was suspended; apparently, the teacher spent the money on herself instead of turning it in to her superiors. Still devastated by the teacher's betrayal, Chris breaks down and cries.

The next day, the boys swim across a swamp and discover that it is filled with leeches. Gordie briefly faints after finding a leech on his scrotum. After more hiking, the boys locate Ray Brower's body.

The discovery is traumatic for Gordie, who asks Chris why his brother Denny had to die and claims that his father hates him. Chris disagrees, asserting that Gordie's father simply does not know him well.

Ace and his gang arrive, announce that they are claiming the body, and threaten to beat the four boys if they interfere.

When Chris insults Ace and refuses to back down from him, Ace draws a switchblade to menace him. Gordie comes to Chris's aid by firing a shot into the air with Mr.

Chambers's gun and then pointing the gun at Ace. Ace demands that Gordie give him the gun, but Gordie refuses, calling Ace a "cheap dime-store hood".

Ace taunts Gordie by asking whether he plans to shoot Ace's entire gang, and Gordie responds, "No, Ace. Just you. The four boys, agreeing that it would not be right for anyone to get the credit for finding the body, report it to the authorities via an anonymous phone call.

They walk back to Castle Rock and part ways, and the extended flashback ends. The present-day Gordie reveals that Teddy and Vern drifted away from him and Chris shortly after entering high school and explains that Chris later went to college and became a lawyer.

When attempting to break up a fight in a restaurant, he was stabbed to death. Despite having not seen Chris for nearly 10 years, Gordie types that he will miss him forever.

Gordie ends his story with the following words: "I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve.

Jesus, does anyone? The film was adapted from the Stephen King novella The Body. Evans sent a copy of The Body to Karen Gideon, the wife of his friend and writing partner Raynold Gideon, on August 29, as a gift for her birthday.

Although the money was not an issue, the share of gross profits was considered excessive, especially considering that no stars could be featured to help sell the movie.

In response, Evans and Gideon pursued an established director, Adrian Lyne , to help sell the project. After reading the novella, Lyne teamed up with Evans and Gideon, but all the studios the trio approached turned the project down except for Martin Shafer at Embassy Pictures.

Evans and Gideon asked to also produce the film, but Shafer suggested they team up with Andy Scheinman , a more experienced producer.

He was sent the script by Scheinman, [6] and his initial reaction was the script had promise but "no focus". And through the experience of going to find the dead body and his friendship with these boys, he began to feel empowered and went on to become a very successful writer.

He basically became Stephen King. Reiner has said that he identified with Gordie, as he himself struggled with the shadow of fame cast by his comedian father, Carl Reiner.

Days before shooting started in the summer of , Embassy was sold to Columbia Pictures , who made plans to cancel the production. The producers showed a print to Michael Ovitz , head of the powerful Creative Artists Agency , and Ovitz promised to help them find a distributor.

According to screenwriter Raynold Gideon, The Body "sounded like either a sex film, a bodybuilding film or another Stephen King horror film.

Rob came up with Stand by Me , and it ended up being the least unpopular option. In a interview with NPR , Wil Wheaton attributed the film's success to the director's casting choices:.

Rob Reiner found four young boys who basically were the characters we played. I was awkward and nerdy and shy and uncomfortable in my own skin and really, really sensitive, and River was cool and really smart and passionate and even at that age kind of like a father figure to some of us, Jerry was one of the funniest people I had ever seen in my life, either before or since, and Corey was unbelievably angry and in an incredible amount of pain and had an absolutely terrible relationship with his parents.

Feldman recalled how his home life translated into his onscreen character: "[Most kids aren't] thinking they're going to get hit by their parents because they're not doing well enough in school, which will prevent them from getting a work permit, which will prevent them from being an actor.

He interviewed our characters. I think I was Vern that summer. Rather than start shooting right away, Reiner put the four main actors together for two weeks to play games from Viola Spolin 's Improvisation for the Theater which Reiner called "the bible" of theater games [11] and build camaraderie, which led to a real friendship between them and several one-shot takes, where the young actors hit their cues perfectly.

Stand By Me Film


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